View from the Cockpit – Issue 1

Cheryl at the Helm

Cheryl at the Helm

May 3, 2015

Hi all, from Perry Woodman, VP Sales and Marketing at Swans Yacht Sales.  The plan is to publish a weekly [or thereabouts] note about my activities on the water.  Could be just a travel log, a note on a boat, comments about maintenance, who we meet in our travels, you get the gist.  Sort of a sailing blog.

Today a few comments about launch and our first sail.  Our boat is a Catalina 355, hull number 5, named White Falcon, after our previous boat.  We launched Saturday, April 25 at Cathedral Bluff Yacht Club in Scarborough.  So a couple of things to check early in the season.  Our neighbours pointed out Sunday morning that the bilge pump had been coming on regularly.  A check soon turned up the culprit.  The strainer on the water intake for the A/C unit wasn’t fully tightened.  So check all your strainers, engine, head intake, etc. after launch, as well as all the thru hull fittings.  Yes, it should be standard practice to do that, but after a few years, you get a little less disciplined.  And check your flares.  Ours expired in January [they are good for four years from manufacture].  We replaced them before our first sail.

Mast was stepped Thursday afternoon with friends [thanks Brad and Paul].  Rigging was completed and sails bent on by Saturday, so today [Sunday May 3] was our first sail.

3.8 kts boat speed with apparent wind of 3.9 kts at 60 degrees

Close Hauled

Normally there would be four on this sail, Cheryl [the spouse, she is at the wheel in one of the pictures], Katelyn, our oldest [a newly graduated teacher in 2014, who is now the Sailing Instructor at the Royal BVI Yacht Club in Tortola, dream job for a sailing fanatic,  look her up if you get there] and Meagan [freshly graduated this year, as a Med Lab Tech from UOIT, but who just happens to be visiting her sister as her grad gift to herself].  So it was just the two of us this time.

Now Catalina’s certainly don’t have a reputation as a hot performer [although the new Catalina 275 Sport has that distinct performance edge].  But take a look at the photos of the instruments.  It was a light wind day, we were on the Catalina 355, wing keel, 135% genoa, and furling main.  Very decent numbers [check on the square on the digital display for True or Apparent wind speed].

3.3 kts boat speed in apparent wind of 5.8 kts at 30 degrees


And these light wind conditions are not even where the boat shines.  She really cooks in the heavier stuff.  More on that during the season.

Check this. 3.29 kts in true wind 2.2 kts at 90 degrees

Beam Reach

So if you’re thinking this could be the year for your new Catalina 355, give me a call.  We would love to take you for a sail, so you can get a hands-on feel for the boat.

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