Toronto International Boat Show – Day 3 Sunday January 13

Well that was fun last night.  Great to see so many LOCA Members and clients.  The consensus was that the wait for spring is about 3 more months too long.

If you stayed home Saturday to miss the crowds, you did well.  I can’t remember a busier Saturday in my eight years of working the show.  The boats were packed, lineups most of the day and this went until after 4pm.

Our contest continues today.  Drop by and ask our Ambassadors [in white golf shirts] how to get in on it.

Forecast for the day is warm and sunny at Swans in Sailfest [okay not sunny, we’re inside, but bright anyway].  We are next to Canadian Yachting’s Island Village.  Drop in, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

SEMINAR OF THE DAY – Salon 107 at 3pm, Lori Mason presents Tips Women Need to Know to Feel Comfortable on the Water.

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