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  • Joerg
    6 July, 2018

    We own a 1980 Catalina 30 sailing boat. With an Atomic 4 engine. We love the boat, but also run into more issues , as the boat ages. We would be interested in a kind of overhaul. Here are some thought of what we would like to do:
    New Diesel engine, new fridge, new propane stove (not the old alcohol stove), new electrical wires, new water tanks and new hoses.
    Could you please provide a rough estimate on this?
    Thanks, Joerg

  • Bernie
    13 July, 2018

    Hi There Joerg,

    I will have someone someone contact you.

    Than you for you inqjuiry.

  • Veronica
    20 September, 2018

    Hi Joerg,

    Hope all is well. We can help you with that. I will have Jan give you a call today. My apologies on the late response this question had just notified me.

    We are booking for Winter Service. Jan will provide you with all the details.

    Thank you.


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