Swans DOUBLES our Heated, Indoor Winter Storage! Call now for your space!

Winter is coming – we’ve had a phenomenal summer, but we’ll be trudging through the snow soon enough…

Just in time for the Winter 2012 season, Swans Yacht Sales is pleased to announce that we’ve secured additional heated, indoor storage space in Whitby. We now have over 40,000sf of indoor, heated storage space available! If you are interested in protecting your boat to the fullest, then give us a call or send us an email to get more information including rates. When a boat is stored outdoors, it’s important to realize that the entire boat will freeze – the engine, water systems, batteries… of course, as boat owners, we winterize our boats to protect against freezing, but how do you protect the rest of the boat that doesn’t get winterized?

Easy! You store it indoors where the freezing temps of Old Man Winter are not an issue!

Call (866-590-9208) or email (service@swansyachtsales.com) us today for more information!

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