Sojourn the Sojourn this summer!

Sojourn (verb): to spend a determined amount of time somewhere; temporarily live/visit.

This summer, depart on a Discovery Yacht Charters adventure! With 10 yachts to choose from (and more coming soon), and with the proper charts provided, all you need to do is cruise away and enjoy your vacation.

Bernie and Jeannie Luttmer recently took a week off from their busy schedules and adored the smooth sailing that Sojourn had to offer in the North Channel. While aboard, they were able to admire the beauty of Little Current. With hundreds of unpopulated islands, as well as on-shore activities by Baie Fine, and Benjamin Islands, “No wonder it is claimed to be one of the best cruising spots in the world,” says Bernie. Sojourn is a beautiful new Catalina 445 and one of the newest additions to the Discovery Yacht Charters Fleet. With 6 berths and 2 heads – this pleasure craft will comfortably accomodate the ideal sailing family.

There is still some availability for charter this season! So, do not miss out on the excitement that Discovery Yacht Charters has to offer, and give them a call at (705) 368-3744 or visit their website at Do not miss your chance to “sojourn” with DYC this summer!

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